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STATCOM is a power electronic based device and a member of FACTS ( Flexile Alternating Current Transmission System). STATCOM plays a significant role in improving the power system stability and power quality by supplying reactive power to the transmission line and maintaining voltage profile in an acceptable limit. Hyosung Heavy Industries is a leading manufacturer and supplier of STATCOM in Korea, and one of the company acquire largest capacity in the world of technology MMC (ingle substation based on the latest and efficient Modular Multilevel Converter) which provides an optimal solution to various applications such as power utilities, renewable and industrial plants in Korea and Overseas alike

Features and Benefits

Scalable Solution

  • Modular Multilevel Converter (MMC) offer a scalable technology enable the manufacturer to increase the quantity of Sub-module (SM) and hence increase the total output capacity of STATCOM depend on Customer requirement.
  • Modular Multilevel Converter STATCOM have many advantages over other converters technologies, in term of scalability, Fast response and high liability.

Economic solution

  • The compact design of STATCOM helps the customer to reduce the installation costs by 50% to 70% compared to traditional reactive power compensation devices
  • Through an optimized design Customer can benefit form the low loss and reduction of life cycle cost through regular maintenance

Green Technology

  • Green technology does not generate harmonics and ensures low noise.
  • Green technology enables indoor type design for a whole STATCOM system, sparing you from civil complaints even in densely populated areas.

Optimized & Eco-friendly Solution

  • STATCOM can synthesize voltage waveform with a very low harmonic harmonics, with lower noise technology than other devices.
  • Possible to be designed indoor for its entire facility, you can be free from the civil population in the area.
  • Considering the End-user’s system environment, temperature, salinity, humidity, and earthquake conditions and provides customized solution to the customer.

Long-term Customer Service

  • Provides sufficient training to substation operator ensuring a long-term life-cycle of the product through a regular check.
  • Fast response to maintain system operation to normal operation status of with rapid recovery in case of failure during guarantees period.

Product Type and Specifications

Utility (Transmission & Generation Use)

  • Reactive power compensation of transmission line of weak system where long-distance transmission occurs
  • Ensure system stability by providing fast voltage control in case of trouble
  • Fast reactive power supply maintain voltage stability
  • Reactive power compensation for improving stability of unbalanced load
  • Increasing the power transfer capacity of transmission line

Renewable Energy Generation Use

  • STATCOM Fulfills the FRT (Fault Ride Through) regulations for wind power plants and secure capacity for reactive power supply
  • Provides high-speed voltage compensation for grid network and complying to customer grid code

Industrial Customers Use

  • Initial starting current compensation of large motor load
  • Power compensation of unbalanced load
  • Improvement of transient performance & power factor
  • Suppresses flicker (rapid change) of electrical load with momentary output such as steel electric furnace, crusher, and rolling
  • Harmonic elimination
  • Improve Voltage regulation on EAF operation and hence increase the productivity of Steel producer.


Key Delivery Performance

  • India, -450/+325Mvar Static Var System for HYDERABAD
  • India, -450/+ 325Mvar Static Var System for TRICHYvv
  • India, -450/+ 325Mvar Static Var System for UDUMALPET
  • India, 400kV ±100Mvar STATCOM for NP KUNTA
  • Panama, PANAMA ll 220kV±120Mvar STATCOM
  • Panama, 220kV ±120Mvar STATCOM for LLANO SÁNCHEZ
  • 345kV ±400Mvar STATCOM for KEPCO’s Donghae Substation
  • 345kV ±400Mvar STATCOM for KEPCO’s Shinchungju Substation
  • 345kV ±400Mvar STATCOM for KEPCO’s Shinyeongju Substation
  • 300kV ±100Mvar STATCOM for KEPCO’S Shinseongnam Substation
  • 154kV ±50Mvar STATCOM for KEPCO’s Shinjeju Substation
  • 154kV ±50Mvar STATCOM for KEPCO’s Halla Substation
  • 345kV ±100Mvar STATCOM for KEPCO’s Migeum Substation